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Crest Self Storage

1060 W Round Grove Rd, Lewisville, TX 75067
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4 Stars - 3 Reviews
Beware, facility has roaches! Very rude!
Shannon Smith
August 16, 2022
I stored my things here for 1 month. Upon pick up of my things I noticed that there were roaches while moving. I did not have roaches in my previous home, three or four small and big. I notified my Moving Team to kill any found so that I did not move them to my new home. I called to schedule a move out and return of the keys and lock. I was told by a woman named Cindy " if you want your deposit back, you need to come in and return the keys fob and lock". At this time she never mentioned that the rent was coming due on the 15th of August. I had called in 1 to 2 days beforehand. Upon arrival I was met with a very cold attitude, I was very polite and told her I was there to do a move out. Before I was even able to proceed with what storage unit I was occupying she immediately stopped me and says "Well rent was due yesterday so you owe another month and we don't prorate".I then begin to explain to her that I had actually moved out on Sunday August 7th of 2022. She still has an attitude and does not care about anything I say giving me a Blank Stare. I asked her if she could please pull up the video recordings of the facility showing that I actually moved out on that date. I also asked do you send out reminder emails or text notifications before rent is coming due, they said yes 10 days ahead. I standed there and proceeded to go through all of my emails and I had emails for the U-Haul that I had rented from their facility but nothing from the actual storage unit. However, Cindy did not care. From the moment I walked in she looked at me and had a nasty attitude. I asked her to please print a copy of my contract she said okay and then once printed preceded to flip through the pages of my contract and ask me what it was I was looking for in the contract. Once she handed it to me I said thank you and was on my way out, she then proceeded to say " oh and just so you know there will be late charges applied if it's not paid Within 5 days". I feel as if I have been racially discriminated against. I was very polite and understanding but I did not receive the same in return. I would never recommend this facility especially because of the roaches, I did not live with them, refused to live with them, and had to kill at least three roaches in my new home from the boxes I had moved from that facility. But I never mentioned any of this while she is trying to charge me for a whole month when I moved out the week before, after I called to let her know that I was ending my contract and moving out. She did not care Cindy has a nasty attitude, and the other associate that was there with her had nothing to say he told me I was speaking with her and that's who I should speak to. When I called back to get the number to corporate he did not want to give it to me and only gave me a corporate number for U-Haul. Terrible service absolutely DO NOT RECOMMEND
Reply from Manager on August 17, 2022
Ms. Smith I just want to respond to you to let you know that I treat all my customers the way I would want to be treated. All I did was simply tell you that we do not prorate rent on move out. Move-out takes place when you turn in the lock, keys and fob. We have no way of knowing you moved out until this happens. I simply stated facts to you that are written in the contract. When you decided, you were not going to turn the Keys, lock and fob in I simply advised you that there will be a late fee added on the 5th day if not paid. This was done as a courtesy.
As some who moves a lot
February 22, 2019
Crest is a great facility. I am positive my stuff is safe. There are multiple safeguards, a gate with key-fob access, the doors to the unit are secure. I am happy to leave my (albeit few) possessions there while I'm away.
Great owner and nice staff
Ananth Narayanan
February 1, 2018
Though they separated from uhaul they are nice people to accept the request and provided with free storage for month! Such a great management and staff and helpful all through. The staff even walked through all security measures around the storage and kind enough to demonstrate with keys. Great place, security and management to store goods without second thoughts!
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